People’s Hearing

People’s Hearing

On December 2, We The People  held hearings to investigate the abuses of power and law being inflicted by FERC in communities across America.

 The People’s Hearing was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on December 2, 2016. 63 representatives from 15 states and the District of Columbia came to testify to the abuses of power and law inflicted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Over 150 people were in attendance of the hearing including reporters and congressional staff members.

We thank the legislators who sent representatives to join us:

  • Congressman Frank Pallone (Democrat from NJ, Ranking member on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce),
  • Congressman Morgan Griffith (Republican from Virginia),
  • Senator Maria Cantwell (Democrat from Washington, Ranking member on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources)
  • Senator Bob Casey (Democrat from Pennsylvania).

Below is a list of all who testified grouped into their respective panels, their battle or organization, and which states they represent.

**To view a video of testimony, click on the panel title.

**To view a pdf of individual testimony, click on a testifier’s name.

Click here to read the Delaware Riverkeeper’s blog post about the day.

Click here for a video of highlights from the day.

Click here for video of the introduction by Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper.


Private Property Taken for Corporate Gain:

William Limpert, Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Western Virginia

David Reilly, Sierra Club Niagara, Western NY

Bruce Baxter, Constitution Pipeline

Claude Bowie, Fair Compensation for Underground Storage, Mississippi

Jacqueline Evans, HALT Founding Member, New Jersey and Pennsylvania


People’s Rights & State’s Rights Abused:

Tom Michelenko, New Jersey

Meg Holleran, North Harford Maple, Pennsylvania

Nancy Vann, Reynolds Hills, Inc., New York

Ryan Talbott, Appalachian Mountain Advocates, Pennsylvania and Oregon

Suzannah Glidden, Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE), New York


Conflicts and Self-Dealing:

Susan Meacham, Holland Township, CCAP (Concerned Citizens Against Pipelines)

Susan Van Dolsen, Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion, New York

Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth, Pennsylvania

Dave Pringle, Clean Water Action, New Jersey


Ignoring Facts, Science & Law:

Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,   New York and Delaware

Spencer Phillips, Key-Log Economics, Virginia

Paul Blanch, AIM, Nuclear Expert, New York

Amy Rosmarin, Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE), New York

Donny Williams, We Are Cove Point, Maryland

David Sligh, Wild Virginia, Virginia

Belinda Blazic, Garden State Expansion Project, New Jersey

Kathy Harget, Green America, Washington, DC

Courtney Williams, Resist AIM, New York


Future Generations Ignored:

Ted Glick, Beyond Extreme Energy, Washington, DC

Glen Besa, Sierra Club Virginia, Virginia

Cathy Strickler, Climate Action Alliance of the Valley, Virginia


Public Voice Stripped:

Chad Oba, Friends of Buckingham, Virginia

Renee Walker, Fulton County Common Sense Energy Coalition, Ohio

Russell Chisholm, Preserve Giles County , Virginia

Michelle Keith, South Coast Neighbors United, Massachusetts

Chris Gauthier, Spectra Energy Access NorthEast Project, Massachusetts

Lakshmi Fjord, Friends of Buckingham, Virginia


Taking Public Treasures:

Jane Winn, Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT), Massachusetts

Patrick Robbins, Sane Energy Project, New York

Ernie Reed, Friends of Nelson and Wild Virginia, Virginia

Jerolyn Deplazes, Preserve Newport Historic Properties, Virginia (testimony read on behalf by Russell Chisholm)

Irene Leech, Virginia Citizens Consumer Council, Virginia


False Claims of Need:

Wendy Graca, South Coast Neighbors United, Massachusetts

Ivy Main, Sierra Club Virginia, Virginia

April Keating, Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance, West Virginia

Patty Cronheim, ReThink Energy NJ, New Jersey


Bias and Abuse in the Process:

Richard Shingles, Preserve Giles County, Virginia

Lea Harper, FreshWater Accountability Project, Ohio

Paul Gierosky, Coalition to Reroute Nexus (CORN), Ohio

Ellen Cantarow, Journalist, New York

Pramilla Malick, Protect Orange County, New York

Stephanie Scherr, ECHO Action, New Hampshire

David Mucklow, Coalition to Reroute Nexus (CORN), Ohio


Peoples Rights & Voices Undermined:

Carol Davis, Diné Citizens Against Ruining our Environment , Arizona

Kevin Campbell, Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance, West Virginia

James Michel, Resist the Pipeline, Massachusetts

Marla Marcum, Climate Disobedience Center, Resist the Pipeline, Massachusetts

Nancy Wilson, Stop the West Roxbury Pipeline, Resist the Pipeline, Massachusetts

Paul Horn, Stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline Coalition (SWRL), Massachusetts

Dr. Elizabeth Athaide-Victor, Neighbors Against Nexus, Ohio

Janet Barrow, Florida


Real People Real Harms:

Terri Meyers, Pennsylvania

Roberta Motherway Bondurant, PreserveRoanoke/BentMountain, Virginia

William Huston, NY Friends of Clean Air and Water, New York (testimony read on behalf by Corinne Bell)

Leslie Garcia, Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community, Maryland

Geri Ann Siwulec, New Jersey

Cara Bottorff, Key-Log Economics


Click here for video of the closing remarks by Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper.

To download the program from the day for sharing: Peoples Hearing Program 

Basics and Background:
Every day there is a new example of how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is abusing its power and the law in its biased reviews of fracked gas pipelines and its disregard of the rights of people, states and regulatory agencies:

  • Aggressive use of the power of eminent domain;
  • Stripping states of their legal authority by leap frogging over it;
  • Creating legal loopholes that put people in legal limbo, unable to challenge pipelines in court before FERC sends them in to construction;
  • False public hearings that divide and conquer communities;
  • Commissioners who approve projects that will benefit them personally;
  • Supporting pipeline and consultant self-dealing;
  • Never saying no;
  • Never forcing compliance with community protection laws as projects proceed through construction;
  • And on and on and on …..

Communities from over 35 states and the District of Columbia abused by FERC have demanded that Congress investigate by holding congressional hearings.

While some members of the Committee on Energy and Commerce expressed support for our request through statements to the press, it was important to bring out into the open the breadth of abuses and experiences.  And so the People’s Hearing was organized.

We invited elected and newly elected members of Congress and the press to come hear about the abuses FERC is heaping on our communities


Press Coverage of the People’s Hearing:


Organizers of the People’s Hearing include:
Delaware Riverkeeper Network ~ Clean Water Action ~ Berks Gas Truth,
Beyond Extreme Energy ~ Earthworks ~ Food & Water Watch


Catskill Mountainkeeper ~ People, Not Pipelines ~ Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion

Earth Guardians ~ Freshwater Accountability Project

Advocates for Springfield, NY ~ Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT)

Big Bend Conservation Alliance ~ Franciscan Response to Fracking ~ OVEC

Concerned Citizens for a Safe Environment ~ Sane Energy Project

North Jersey Pipeline Walkers ~ We Are Cove Point

Halt the Harm ~ South Coast Neighbors United

Sierra Club ~ Responsible Drilling Alliance ~ NJ Sierra

Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) ~ Waterkeepers Chesapeake

Gas Free Seneca ~ Seneca Lake Guardian

Complete it Cuomo ~ New Mexico River Healers

Green America ~ Virginia River Healers

SAPE ~ Ban the Transport of Fracked Gas

Climate Mama ~ Safe Energy Rights Group (SEnRG)

Sourland Conservancy ~ Resist the Pipeline

Stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline

Sustainable Medina County ~ WV Chapter of Sierra Club

Interfaith Moral Action on Climate ~ Lancaster Against Pipelines

Coalition for Responsibile Siting of LNG Facilities

No Fracked Gas in Mass ~ Protecting Our Water, Heritage, Rights (POWHR)

FrackFreeNC Alliance ~ NC Alliance to Stop the ACP

Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance ~ Coalition to Reroute Nexus (CoRN)

Preserve Roanoke/ Bent Mountain ~ Sierra Cub Niagara

Ny Friends of Clean Air and Water ~ Friends of Water